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Here at we not only review gadgets but also apps. Everyone uses Smartphone and most of the time it is filled with cluttered apps. In This article I am going to list top apps that you can use on your phone.

1Weather (Free/$1.99)

If you are looking for best and most accurate weather app then 1Weather app is just for you. It comes with a simple paginated design and decent light customizable widgets. You can also check weather up to 12 weeks. You can enjoy all its features free but you want to remove the advertisement you can go for the pro version that only remove the advertisement but work same as free one. The pro version cost you around $1.99. Currently it is available on Google Play Store.


Google Drive Suite (Free)


Google drive suite is a storage solution in which you can get 15 GB of free storage on your android phones while signing up. You can also purchase if you need more. With it you can enjoy all the Google drive features like Google Sheets, Docs, Slides, Photos, Gmail, Calendar and many other features. more than people use image hosting site like pixstore where they host image. but Google + photos best way to save personal images and you can share your images on Google+

 Google Maps (Free)

google maps

Looking for worlds best Map App then Google Map is just for you. It almost update getting weekly updates and it has many unique features like places of interest, it gives you traffic data, directions to things like rest stops or gas stations and with latest offline map update you can access Google Map without internet.

Google Assistant (Free)

google assistant


Do you ever wanted your own personal virtual assistant? Google assistant is most powerful app and you just need to install it on your android phone and it becomes your own personal virtual assistant. From booking an appointment to solving a simple math problem Google assistant can do it all. You can ask questions to it and gives you accurate answers. You can download it absolutely free on Google Play Store.

Google Play Music and YouTube (Free/$9.99 per month)

youtube red google play music

Google Play Music is one of the best music software that is currently available in the market. You can not only save songs locally but also stream only thousands of albums. YouTube is world’s biggest streaming platform where you can watch free videos but also upload your videos too.

 LastPass Password Manager (Free/$12 per year)

LastPass Logo Color

LastPass password manager is one of the most useful apps and must have app that you can download from Google Play Store. To keep everything secure we are assigning password to everything whether it is a mobile app or your bank account LastPass not only save all of your passwords but also give you ideas for making your password more secure and unbreakable.

Nova Launcher (free/4.99)

nova launcher

Nova Launcher is styling your phone for the past 10 years and it is best from all its rivals. The reason behind being best is that it is getting updates consistently and it can have very unique features like it can save your home screen setup, there are many built in themes available that you can use to style your phone. It comes with two versions, one is free with limited features and that display ads and the other one is pro that has tones of features and does not display ads at all and it cost you around $4.99.

TickTick (free/$27.99)

tick tick

It is not much popular in people but it is the best one that is currently available in the market. TickTick is a to do list app which has many unique features like push notifications, recurring tasks, reminders and various organizational features and categories. There are many features available in free version but you can also purchase pro version if you are planning to use it for business and enterprise purposes.

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