About Me

My PictureMyself Cody. I am 25. Living in London, UK. I can say proudly that when it is concerned with electronic gadgets, toys & stuff like that, my choice is the Best. I remember my childhood days when I loved to play with electronic toys all the time. That time period realized me that I should make my career in this field, in which I can feel life. There are easily more than 15 electronic gadgets in my bedroom. I have completed my studies in electronic engineering. My father is a businessman. We have family business of textiles. But I was quite sure that I will carry forward my interest.My hobbies are playing outdoor games with friends. I used to write something when I was studying.One can easily judge that I am passionate about electronic gadgets just by reading my blog posts.
At present, I have my own business of Hoverboards and other electronic gadgets. I am very much happy that I have achieved my target and this business has quite a good turnover. But this is not the ending. There is much more to do. I am working on some major projects.