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Segway Vs Swegway| What’s the difference?

Segway & and Swegway seems quite same from their name but they are totally different from each other. They are electronic gadgets that run with battery. They are very popular especially in young generation. People also get confused when they hear their names so let us delve deeper to clear this confusion.


Segway is a quite big and have a stick in the middle. While swegway is small as compare to segway. it is very easy to carry a swegway while it is not same with segway.



It is very easy to drive a segway, to do so you just need to stand on it and with the middle stick you can control it easily. Some segways also come with handle bars which makes segway allot more easy to navigate.
On other had swegway is quite difficult to drive, because it is smaller then segway and also it can only be controlled by its body weight. To move forward you have to put your weight in front and for back vice versa that means you need a basic training to drive a swegway.

segway and swegway


A segway will cost you around $1000 but swegway is far cheaper and cost you only $270.
To put it in a nutshell driving them both is full of adventures but if you ask me then swegways are the best because they are quite similar to skateboards and you can carry them anywhere easily and also they are very cheeper. There are many companies out there but I personally trust Hoverboards.co.uk they are the best when it comes to quality and reliability so visit their website and buy your first swegway.

If you also wanted to know more about swegways then checkout this un-boxing video by Morgz channel on Youtube.


Video games are everyone’s favorite in every age from many years. People (including me) just love video games.  It is also very profitable business, according to a research that was done on 2011 the gaming business only worth US$74 billion and it is still growing rapidly. Today most of users play games on their smartphones or PC with only few available devices such as mouse joystick etc. If wanted to try some serious gaming then this article is just for you. In this you’ll find some incredible gadgets that can intensify your whole gaming experience.

Logitech Flight System ($35.50)

Logitech Flight System

Logitech flight system provides you complete experience of how to fly an airplane. It has many unique features including highly advanced joystick, programmable buttons that are placed on the base of the throttle so you get the feeling of real airplane cockpit. At the time of using you can also get the feeling of wind shear, G-force and even turbulence.

Razer Hydra ($110.27)

Having world’s first motion sensing controls Razer hydra is one of its kind. We know in gaming every second counts and with its high precision magnetic motion sensing technology provide you much faster response.

Razer Hydra

Logitech G27 Racing wheel ($994.89)

People just love racing games and they are becoming completely real from their game play and design. So play a realistic game you need a realistic controller. This controller has the power to change your gaming experience completely.

Logitech G27 Racing wheel


Cyborg M.M.O.7 ($129.99)

It is a hardcore mouse that has tough and rugged design. It has many unique features including 5d button which you can access with your thumb. It also has backlights for buttons.

Cyborg M.M.O.7


5 Ways to Secure Your Home and Office

Security has become a crucial concern for large organizations and home offices. With the advent of technology, various security gadgets have come into existence that not only ensures safety of confidential information, but also aids in reducing crime rates at workplaces. With the passage of time various security gadgets have been designed with lots of features that makes our lives so much effortless. Let us delve deeper to understand the importance of various electronic security gadgets.

Security Lighting

To prevent destructive intervention security lighting is really helpful. It enhances the safety in any organization  and protects the office from any criminal activity. These lights can be used in large organizations, homes, institutions as well as military areas.

Security Lighting

Surveillance Cameras

It aids in regular monitoring of each and every activity in the office. Contemporary security cameras provide both audio and video functionalities. In case of any uncertainty or legal event the recording in CCTV cameras acts as an evidence. In this way any a company can be protected from any kind of emergency.

Surveillance Camera


Like security lights and CCTV camera security alarms are also very helpful to prevent any unauthorized entry. It notifies you of fire or gas problems, and protects your important documents and equipment. It also enables you to have remote access to your home and lowers energy consumption that leads to efficient energy management.

security alarm

Laptop Locks

Today, most of our work is done on laptops and computers. In such case to ensure the safety of stored data, personal information and graphs laptop locks can do wonders. You can set any encrypted password and no one can access your data.

Laptop Safe

Fingerprint safe

To stop any unauthorized entry today various electronic machines are used like biometrics safe system. It helps us to identify that whether a person is any intruder or any authorized one.

Fingerprint Water resistant Security Safe with Biometric Lock

These are few gadgets that you can use in your home and office. According to famous quotes “Prevention is better then cure“.

Modern Electronic Height Adjustable Desk


Most of us work approximate 8 hours or more daily and it is bad for our health and posture, it affect our productivity and also makes our job boring the solution for this problem is height adjustable desk which you can work while standing. By clicking a simple button you can easily adjust height of desk. This is also the best way to give your office modern, stylish, sporty and also futuristic look. These desks can easily draw everyone’s attention. There are many modern hi-tech desks available in the market that you can use in your office. Let’s delve deeper and understand more about things that we need to keep in mind while buying this desks.

standing desk

Color & Material: They are available in variety of materials whether it is marble, wood, glass and fiver. The versatility of colors make them easy adjustable in every atmosphere. Today these desks are first choice of every interior designer. Try to keep everything simple as possible because sometimes simple is best.

Shapes & Size: What is your requirement, if you have less space than you can go for the smaller version but if you have lots of space then you can go for the version that is much larger in size. There are also many companies where you can apply custom made desks. But keep in mind that these desks are for your comfort so always make your comfort first preference while shopping.

black standing desk

Quality: This should be your primary focus. These hi-tech desks are costly so always check quality measure first. Everything is worthless if it does not have good quality, It doesn’t matter how beautiful it is or how cheap it is unless it made with good quality material.

Height adjustable desk setup

Comparison: Like I mentioned earlier there are many companies where you can buy these height adjustable desks. Basically In most cases they all are the same but there prices are different so before buying just do a simple comparison.

Wire Management: Many companies are providing wire management bundled with these desks. With wire management you can hide all of your wires and make your desk clean and clutter free. So ask your provider about wire management.

Summing up, these are few things that you need to keep in mind before buying a height adjustable desk. Personally I just love these hi-tech desks. I am a freelance writer so most of the time I work from home. Because of small space this desk is ideal for me. It saves lots of space and also its wire management system hides all my wires and I can manage them easily and efficiently. It also helps me allot in increasing my productivity.