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Segway Vs Swegway| What’s the difference?

Segway & and Swegway seems quite same from their name but they are totally different from each other. They are electronic gadgets that run with battery. They are very popular especially in young generation. People also get confused when they hear their names so let us delve deeper to clear this confusion.


Segway is a quite big and have a stick in the middle. While swegway is small as compare to segway. it is very easy to carry a swegway while it is not same with segway.



It is very easy to drive a segway, to do so you just need to stand on it and with the middle stick you can control it easily. Some segways also come with handle bars which makes segway allot more easy to navigate.
On other had swegway is quite difficult to drive, because it is smaller then segway and also it can only be controlled by its body weight. To move forward you have to put your weight in front and for back vice versa that means you need a basic training to drive a swegway.

segway and swegway


A segway will cost you around $1000 but swegway is far cheaper and cost you only $270.
To put it in a nutshell driving them both is full of adventures but if you ask me then swegways are the best because they are quite similar to skateboards and you can carry them anywhere easily and also they are very cheeper. There are many companies out there but I personally trust Hoverboards.co.uk they are the best when it comes to quality and reliability so visit their website and buy your first swegway.

If you also wanted to know more about swegways then checkout this un-boxing video by Morgz channel on Youtube.

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